The Ultimate INBOUND Agenda for Marketers

Written By Sean McGauley
August 1, 2023

Boston is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated INBOUND Conference by HubSpot takes over the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, making it the hottest ticket in town!

Scheduled from September 5th to 8th, this transformative event promises to draw marketers, business professionals, and sales leaders eager to immerse themselves in an unparalleled experience. Count me in!

What is INBOUND?

INBOUND is not just any conference; it’s HubSpt’s user conference and the ultimate destination for marketing professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve. Professionals from all over the world come to Boston to:

🌐 Connect with Industry Leaders: Network with marketing, sales, operations, and customer success experts from various sectors.

🔍 Stay Updated on Marketing Innovations: Discover the latest marketing trends, tools, and resources through hands-on workshops and interactive sessions.

📚 Learn from Top-notch Speakers: Gain valuable insights from thought leaders and visionaries in the marketing world.

What’s it like to attend INBOUND?

This year will be my fourth trip to this conference which is always one of the biggest events on my calendar. Before working at an agency, our whole marketing department would attend. After the event, we’d all debrief as a team and go over everything we learned. Ideas and projects from INBOUND would get prioritized and listed on our long-term project sheet for the marketing department – something we called The War Plan!

Within just a few days at INBOUND, our marketing team would leave with enough cutting-edge ideas and actionable takeaways to last a full year! 

But, it’s not just the education that makes INBOUND special. It’s also one of the best marketing networking events where I’ve made countless lasting friendships.

So, you can imagine why I’m so excited for this event. 

What themes are present at INBOUND?

One of the biggest things I’ve seen change over the years at INBOUND is the expansion of themes. Just look at this long list of content themes this year at the conference: 

  • Account Management
  • AI & Innovation
  • Brand & Creative
  • Budget Management
  • Coaching & Mentorship
  • Company Operations
  • Content & Community Marketing
  • Culture & Community
  • Customer & Retention Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Data Analytics
  • DI&B (Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging)
  • Growth & Acquisition Marketing
  • HR (Human Resources)
  • HubSpot Products
  • Marketing Ops (Operations)
  • Marketing Tech (Technology)
  • RevOps (Revenue Operations)
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Ops (Operations)
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Tactics
  • Sales Tech (Technology)

HubSpot INBOUND Curated Agendas by Role/Industry

One of the most important parts of this event is picking your agenda. 

HubSpot’s done a great job curating example agendas based on attendee roles, ensuring everyone gets the most out of their INBOUND experience. These include:

Click here to explore all of HubSpot’s custom-curated agendas.

But guess what? The team at Growth Spurt has also crafted our very own agenda that’s a perfect mix of marketing, growth and acquisition, brand and creative, community, and innovation! The best part is we’re happy to share it with you.

Featured Keynote Speakers of #INBOUND23

Before we get started with our agenda recommendations, let’s take a moment and shine a spotlight on the remarkable keynote speakers headlining INBOUND23. Historically, HubSpot has done a fantastic job of selecting influential individuals at the forefront of their respective fields. This year seems to be no exception based on this hot line-up of keynotes:

Morgan Debaun - INBOUND Keynote Speaker

Morgan Debaun

Spotlight Session: Scaling Through Community and ConnectionDescription: An intimate chat with Morgan DeBaun on her track record of innovation in media, and how she approaches content, growth, and community as a craft—leaning into her journey with Blavity Inc. and Afrotech’s commitment to share insights on how to build diverse community spaces. (Learn more)

Derek Jeter - INBOUND Keynote Speaker

Derek Jeter

Spotlight Session: The Captain’s Playbook: Strategies for Success

Description: The Baseball Hall of Famer and business leader shares what his leadership experience on and off the field has taught him about calculating risk, and fueling a motivation bigger than ourselves when it comes to building and scaling teams and ventures. (Learn more)

Andrew Huberman - INBOUND Keynote Speaker
Andrew Huberman

Spotlight Session: Fueling Focus and Creativity

Description: A conversation with Andrew Huberman exploring the power of intense focus, mindfulness, and rest to fuel creativity and strengthen the culture of a team. (Learn more)

Kim Scott - INBOUND Keynote Speaker

Kim Scott

Spotlight Session: Getting Candid: Lessons in Workplace Culture and Feedback

Description: Join bestselling author, Kim Scott, and explore the role of radical candor and feedback in 2023, and gain insights on how to maintain a healthy high-performance workplace culture. (Learn more)

Reese Witherspoon - INBOUND Keynote Speaker

Reese Witherspoon

Spotlight Session: Lessons on Innovation, Leadership, and Navigating Change

Description: Join producer, actor, and Hello Sunshine founder Reese Witherspoon for a revealing conversation encompassing her practical strategies for driving growth and creating a culture of excellence (based on her experience building Hello Sunshine), as well as the challenges and opportunities of producing content in a rapidly changing landscape. (Learn more)

Our Agenda Recommendations for Marketing Professionals:

Note: as with HubSpot’s curated agendas, these are our session picks to prioritize. However, the session times vary and you’ll want to refer to those when setting your final agenda. Look for these top sessions:

INBOUND Session with Dharmesh Shah, Andrew Pitre, and Yamini Rangan

The HubSpot Spotlight with Yamini Rangan, Dharmesh Shah, and Andrew Pitre

Don’t miss the opening session featuring HubSpot’s CEO, CTO, and EVP of Product. Get insights straight from the industry giants!

Why attend: This session announces what’s next from HubSpot. Often tied to larger trends in the market, HubSpot releases new tools and features to assist you in your sales and marketing. We love getting a sneak peek at what’s to come. 

INBOUND Session with Dr. Yvette Noel-Schure

Crafting a Flawless Narrative: Lessons in Brand Building with Dr. Yvette Noel-Schure

Learn from a master storyteller, with 20+ years of experience helping shape the brands of some of the music industry’s biggest stars (including Beyoncé), on what roles patience, passion, and persistence have played—and how she’s successfully used brand strategy as a growth propeller for her clients.

Why attend: A narrative is essential to a business as it builds a meaningful connection with customers, clarifies the company’s purpose and vision, and differentiates it from competitors. It sounds like a simple thing, but it’s something that only few truly nail down. Sessions like Dr. Noel-Schure’s are extremely helpful.

INBOUND Session with Sinead Bovell

Preparing for the AI Boom: The Perspective of a Futurist with Sinead Bovell

Vogue’s “A.I. educator for the non-nerds,” Sinead Bovell, takes you through the exciting possibilities and concerns of an emerging AI-powered future.

Why attend? In many ways I’d say the AI Boom may already be here, but either way the lessons from this session with Sinead Bovell will help you understand what role AI will play in the future of sales and inbound marketing. 

INBOUND Session with George B. Thomas

6 No-BS Reasons Why Your Sales Enablement Strategy Sucks with George B. Thomas

You know sales enablement is more critical than ever to the immediate health and future success of your company. But, like most organizations right now, your sales and marketing teams are more at odds than ever, and sales enablement is a must-checkbox you’re simply not checking. Until today, that is. In this radically candid, results-focused session, you’ll walk away knowing exactly how your sales enablement strategy is failing (and why). Join and get equipped with the agile, revenue-generating sales enablement strategy that you’ve been searching for.

Why attend? You know how some people will watch any movie that has a certain actor in it? That’s how we feel about George B. Thomas – whether it’s the HubHeroes podcast, Boston HubSpot User Group, or the Inbound Stage, George always delivers the fire!

INBOUND Session with Markus Sheridan

Keys to World-Class Content and Winning Trust in the AI Era with Marcus Sheridan

Discover how to create world-class content that wins trust, traffic, leads, and sales in the AI era.

Why attend? Another one on AI? AI is a major theme at this year’s conference and a trend our team is watching closely in 2023 – so, we think it’s ok to double-up here. Plus, this is another one where we love the speaker.
Bonus tip: make sure to grab a copy of Markus’ book, They Ask, You Answer for your reading list.

INBOUND Session with Jennifer Stone and Dylan Sellberg

Meet ChatSpot: Your AI-Powered Sales & Marketing Assistant

Work smarter with ChatSpot, the AI-powered sales and marketing assistant tailor-made to grow your business. Join this session to see how ChatSpot powers your HubSpot CRM with generative AI technology to increase productivity and get deeper insights that help your company grow better.

Why attend? We’ve spent a lot of time getting to know ChatSpot. In fact, we’ve written at great length about how this new app from HubSpot – everything from how to get started, to how to use ChatSpot to create blog posts. The new generative AI tools from HubSpot are nothing short of impressive and this session will give you the complete rundown.

INBOUND23 Session with Ashley Faus and Devin Bramhall

Community: Myths, Tips, and the Marketing Mix

Companies are jumping on the latest trend: community-led growth, but people don’t want to talk to logos, they want to talk with humans. How can brands join the conversation? In our session, we’ll explore the shifts that brands need to make to build robust, self-sustaining communities based on helpfulness and trust. You’ll learn about principles to help you choose the right strategy to get started and for long-term impact, examples of companies bringing employees, users, and the broader industry together to create new communities, and about the programmatic nature of self-sustaining communities.

Why attend? We couldn’t have a list of session recommendations without a session on community! Community seems to be one of the biggest trends of the new year, but it’s also one of the most difficult to accomplish. What does it really mean to create a community? Join Ashely Faus from Atlassian and Devin Bramhall from Devine Consulting to find out. 

See You at INBOUND

So, there you have it. The highly anticipated HubSpot’s #INBOUND23 draws near, but now you’re armed with the perfect agenda. INBOUND is not just any conference; it’s the ultimate destination for staying ahead of the curve in marketing. We hope agenda recommendations are helpful.

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