Where To Go for Drinks After INBOUND in Boston – Something for Everyone

Written By Sean McGauley
August 24, 2023

After an exciting day of workshops, keynotes, and networking sessions at the INBOUND conference, the question on everyone’s mind is: “Where can we unwind and continue the fun?”

But hold on – we’re not just talking about any old drink.

Some seek a sip of Boston’s culture with their cocktail, for those attendees in Boston for the first time.

Others are on the hunt for the perfect spot to connect with clients over a clinking of glasses.

Then there are those who crave a memorable adventure, searching for a bar that’s an experience in itself.

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of our favorite area bars, ensuring that no matter what you’re seeking – a taste of Boston, a networking hub, a memorable adventure, a trendy atmosphere, or a satisfying blend of drinks and food – you’ll find your perfect spot on this list. 


Closest Bar to INBOUND

M.J. O'Connor's Closest Bard to INBOUND

M.J. O’Connor’s Seaport

Too beat from a jam-packed day of INBOUND to travel across the city for a drink? We hear ya! 

For those looking for something close to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, check out M.J. O’Connor’s Seaport, located inside The Westin Boston Seaport District Hotel

This inviting Irish pub is known for its warm hospitality, hearty fare, and extensive drink selection. Whether you’re seeking a pint of perfectly poured Guinness, a classic cocktail, or a local craft beer, M.J. O’Connor’s has something to satisfy every palate.

The bar’s cozy interior and comfortable seating provide a great backdrop for conversations and networking, making it an ideal place to connect with fellow INBOUND attendees.

Plus, with its proximity to the conference, you never know who you might meet there! M.J O’Connor’s Seaport is where Katie Couric stopped for a drink after her 2019 INBOUND keynote. Could this be the spot that one of the keynote speakers picks to wet their whistle this year?

  • Location: 425 Summer St. Boston, MA 02210
  • Distance from BCEC: 0.1 miles (Located right next door to the BCEC

Bar with the Best View

Bar with the Best View - Lookout Rooftop Bar

Lookout Rooftop Bar

Lookout Rooftop and Bar is a trendy rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city skyline. It offers a variety of craft cocktails, small plates, and a vibrant atmosphere.

This is a great spot to host a meeting with prospects and clients, or to just take in a beautiful Boston sunset.

  • Location: 70 Sleeper St
  • Distance from BCEC: 0.6 miles

Best Bar for the Sports Fan

Best bar for the sports fan - Bleacher Bar

Bleacher Bar

For the die-hard sports enthusiast attending INBOUND, you may want to check out Boston’s very own Bleacher Bar! Situated beneath the iconic Fenway Park’s bleachers, this bar offers a ground-level view of the outfield.

Bleacher Bar boasts a vibrant atmosphere where sports fans gather. With a curated selection of drinks and pub-style eats, you can enjoy classic stadium fare while soaking in the unparalleled sports ambiance.

Pro Tip: This spot is crowded on game days, so arrive early if you want to secure a prime spot. 

  • Location: 82A Lansdowne St, Boston, MA 02215
  • Distance from BCEC: 5.8 miles

Bar with the Best Food

Bar with best food - Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside is a three-story seafood restaurant and bar. It features a rooftop deck, a casual first-floor bar, and a more formal dining experience on the second floor. The restaurant offers fresh seafood and a great selection of drinks. 

After a long day of learning, you’re going to be hungry. Plus, would it really be a trip to Boston without sampling some seafood? Legal Harborside offers fresh upmarket seafood right by the water, making it a great choice to bring clients or create lasting memories with your team.

  • Location: 270 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210 
  • Distance from BCEC: 0.7 miles

Bar with an Experience

Bar with an experience - Drink


A hidden gem, Drink is renowned for its innovative cocktails tailored to your preferences. No menu – just chat with the skilled mixologists and enjoy a unique concoction. Its cozy atmosphere and personalized touch set it apart.

  • Location: 348 Congress St
  • Distance from BCEC: 0.6 miles


There are lots of great options in the area to enjoy a drink after INBOUND. Wherever you end up, please drink responsibly. Also, a word of wisdom – keep in mind those morning conference-opening keynotes come early!

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