Spotlighting the INBOUND Spotlight Speakers: What You Need to Know

Written By Sean McGauley
August 8, 2023

Meet the Keynote Speakers from this year's INBOUND conference.

Are you ready for a transformative experience at INBOUND? This year’s lineup of spotlight speakers promises to be nothing short of extraordinary! As marketers, we understand the importance of staying on top of industry trends and gaining insights from renowned experts. Sometimes keynote speakers blur the lines between celebrity and marketing, which can make some think these sessions aren’t full of insight. 

I can remember asking myself, “What the heck does John Cena have to do with inbound marketing?” And then I was blown away as he delivered one of my favorite sessions of all time.

That’s why I’d like to take some time to shed light on this year’s INBOUND spotlight speakers and look at why their sessions are worthy of a spot on your Ultimate INBOUND Agenda.

1. Ryan Reynolds: Giving Maximum Effort

Ryan ReynoldsDeadpool comes to INBOUND! Join Ryan Reynolds as he shares an in-depth look into his ventures outside of acting.

Did you know he has an advertising platform? Or, what about his production company? Or, his recent reinvention as the co-owner of Wrexham Football Club?

Yes, Ryan has been busy outside of acting and his session will close out the conference with his insight into how he decides where to invest his time and energy and how he brings a growth mindset to everything he does.

2. Serena Williams: From Center Court to Venture Capital

Serena WilliamsMarketers should be excited to join Serena Williams as she shares her journey as the founder of Serena Ventures, the venture capital fund she established in 2017.

In this session, Serena will share her experiences of the early mornings and late nights dedicated to her entrepreneurial endeavors, highlighting her passion for "reinventing herself in different and authentic ways." 

Get Serena's actionable takeaways on embracing new challenges and maintaining authenticity!

3. Kara Swisher: Recording the Future

Kara SwisherKara Swisher is known as Silicon Valley's most feared yet revered journalist.

With unparalleled access to industry leaders, Swisher has been the voice of the tech world since the mid-90s. Her insights into tech trends, innovative companies, and groundbreaking interviews keep her consistently at the forefront of the industry.

As an award-winning journalist, podcast host, and founder of Recode, Swisher will share her expert analysis on the evolution of the technology industry and its trajectory in the coming years. 

4. Josh D'Amaro: Dream to Reality: How a Disney Story Comes to Life

Josh DAmaroIn this session, Josh D'Amaro shares his unique insights into one of the world's most beloved brands - Disney. 

Learn about the innovative strategies behind Disney's magical experiences, touching on how the company continually reinvents itself to stay relevant and captivating. 

inside look at how Disney integrates cutting-edge technology with timeless storytelling to create unforgettable experiences for guests.

5. Yamini Rangan: HubSpot Spotlight

Yamini Rangan

Make sure to catch HubSpot's own Yamini Rangan taking the Main Stage on Wednesday, September 18th.

See the exciting innovations from across the HubSpot platform. This session is a must-attend for HubSpot users as it will highlight the product roadmap for the rest of the year.



6. Alex Lieberman: Podcasts - Melding Timeless Insights with Contemporary Ideas

Alex Lieberman

Join Alex Lieberman, co-founder of Morning Brew for his best insights on podcasting.

Learn how to balance tradition with innovation and how a well-rounded social team can drive organic growth by combining classic principles with cutting-edge strategies.

Marketers will learn how to integrate creativity, analytics, operations, and community management to carve their own niche in podcasting.

7. Ari Murray: How to Build a 7 Figure B2B Media Brand

Ari MurrayAri Murray and Daniel Murray are the husband-and-wife team behind The Marketing Millennials and Go-to-Millions.

In this session, they will share the steps they took to build two seven-figure media brands. 

You'll get an in-depth look at their end-to-end processes, including methods for creating compelling content, growing a loyal audience, retaining engagement, and effectively monetizing their brands. 


8. Cynthia Barnes: Women Sell Better - Boosting Sales with Diversity

Cynthia BarnesCynthia Barnes will help attendees uncover the untapped potential of diversity in sales teams.

She will explain why top-tier companies are rushing to diversify their sales forces and how the unique strengths of women in sales serve as a secret weapon.

This session goes beyond the 'why' and provides a detailed roadmap on 'how' to transform your sales team’s dynamic and results. 

9. Sam Jacobs: Foundations of Profitable Efficient Growth

Sam JacobsDiscover strategies for achieving profitable and efficient growth in this session with Sam Jacobs.

Drawing on his experience at Pavilion, Jacobs will highlight the importance of aligning business operations with market demands and leveraging key technologies. Emphasizing a values-driven, people-first methodology, this session promises actionable insights to enhance organizational efficiency and drive sustainable growth. It is tailored for revenue leaders and professionals seeking innovative approaches to meet market challenges effectively and optimize business performance.

See you at INBOUND!

The INBOUND spotlight speakers offer an extraordinary lineup that promises to deliver. While the idea of celebrities, actors, and professionals taking the stage might initially raise eyebrows, their sessions have proven time and again to be gems of wisdom and inspiration.

Remember to plan your schedule accordingly and make the most of these insightful sessions. We can’t wait to see you there!

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