The Session Types at INBOUND – Know Before You Go

Written By Sean McGauley
August 18, 2023

Make the most of your trip to INBOUND with our ultimate prep guide - everything you need to know before you go.

If you’re like me, you’ve been glued to HubSpot’s reading everything you can get your hands on about the speakers, the sessions, the experience, and what to expect from this year’s conference!

Heck, I’ve even started crafting my perfect agenda already.

I try to do this every year now before attending the event. I like to go in knowing as much about the event as I can to maximize the experience. This was a major lesson I picked up on my first year attending the event. 

I remember feeling underprepared for my initial journey to the conference. I had no idea what to expect and I figured I would just show up like any other conference and the experience would find me…Of course, in some ways it did – I ended up learning a ton, filled a notebook with takeaways, and had a blast. But, it also left me with a feeling that “Next year, I want to get more out of this experience.”

Think of it this way:

INBOUND is a massive conference that attracts more than 70,000+ global attendees. 
The conference is just a few short days of learning, but there is a LOT packed into those days.
Many sessions now require advanced registration.

To make the most of your conference experience, it pays to do your homework. 

Today’s INBOUND homework lesson is about the session types and stages. Not every session is the same. HubSpot has put a lot of work into crafting a variety of programming for attendees to enjoy. 

Main Stage

Main Stage INBOUND

INBOUND Main Stage Description: The Main Stage! The biggest stage at INBOUND. For some conferences, the main stage is the spot for the big opening and closing keynotes for each day. At INBOUND, the main stage is delivering the fire all conference long! Each day of the conference includes a mix of Spotlight sessions and Industry Insights delivered throughout the day, meaning there’s almost always something great happening on the main stage. 

Must-Attends on the Main Stage: Because the spotlight sessions include a lot of the big names you likely have seen throughout the INBOUND promotions, and because we’ve taken a closer look at the spotlight speakers already, these are a few of the Industry Insights sessions that have caught our eye:

Unleashing Your Marketing Team's Potential with AI
Content is Not King: The New Approach to Content Marketing 
Good Isn't Good Enough: CMO Secrets to Leveling Up Your Team 
How to Unlock Global Market Growth and Lead Constant Change
Thriving in Discomfort: How Being Uncomfortable Fuels Growth
AI-First Marketing With OpenAI

HubSpot Heroes Stage 

HubSpot Heroes Stage INBOUND

HubSpot Heroes Stage Description: For all things HubSpot, you’ll head over to the HubSpot Heroes stage at INBOUND! Here, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the product from developers, connect with HubSpot Academy Professors, and hear success stories from HubSpot customers.

Must-Attends on the HubSpot Heroes Stage:

Operations Hub: Year in Review
The Importance of a Cohesive Data Enrichment Strategy
Beyond 2024: HubSpot AI's Bold Vision for the Front Office
Sell Like a Pro: Closing More Deals with AI in Sales Hub
State of HubSpot 2024: How the Best Do It Different
Spring to Success: Maximizing Your Sales Team's Potential

NEW: Content & Creator Stage 

Content and Creators Stage

HubSpot Description: New this year, this stage shines a spotlight on the crafting and impact of content in the digital age, bringing together visionary content creators and marketers. Discover the strategies behind engaging narratives, powerful marketing content, and sales-driving communications, all from the expert minds of those who craft content that resonates and converts.

Must-Attends on the Content & Creator Stage: 

How to Build a 7 Figure B2B Media Brand
Content Revolution: Strategies for Brand Resurgence
AI-Powered Growth: Transforming Audience Reach and Expansion
Podcasts: Melding Timeless Insights With Contemporary Ideas
How to Use Inbound Selling To Increase Revenue
How to Launch a Product On Social in 2025

NEW: INBOUND Originals Stage

INBOUND Originals Stage

HubSpot Description: Another new stage at this year's conference is the INBOUND Originals Stage. Here you can check out the community's most highly-rated speakers. Learn practical strategies and tactics across the go-to-market spectrum.

Must-Attends on the INBOUND Originals Stage:

Advanced LI Ads for the B2B Marketing Superhero
The EVERYTHING Emails Marketing Session
How B2B Tech Brands Grow
Debate: Mythbusters - HubSpot's Smart CRM vs. Legacy CRM
Work Less, Do More
Building the MarTech Stack of the Future Today

An Overview of the Session Types of INBOUND

Let's take a quick look at each of the session types of INBOUND and what each one is designed to offer. We'll explore the differences in the length of the session, the focus of the content, and highlight which ones require pre-registration. 

So, let’s get a lay of the land and a brief understanding of each session type:

  1. Education Session: Fuel your knowledge with 45-minute Education Sessions, where reservations are required due to limited space. These power-packed sessions are the heart of INBOUND, offering a deep dive into enlightening topics that spark inspiration.
  2. Deep Dive: Plunge into a topic with the Deep Dive sessions, offering a more intensive exploration in just 45 minutes. Reservations are required as these how-to-oriented sessions promise to leave you equipped with actionable takeaways.
  3. Livestream: Can’t be physically present? Fear not! INBOUND offers extensive livestream coverage for remote attendees, enabling you to catch the action from afar. Refer to the agenda to see which sessions will include a livestream.
  4. Spotlight: Unmissable keynote sessions, the Spotlight category promises to bring you the day’s most impactful and inspiring talks.
  5. Debate: Witness industry titans go head-to-head in riveting debates, tackling burning questions like email strategy and the ideal work week. Let the sparks fly as experts engage in insightful conversations.
  6. Meetup Sessions: Forge connections at the scheduled Networking Meetups, designed to cater to the diverse communities and interests of INBOUND.
  7. To Be Announced: HubSpot has aces up its sleeves, with surprises yet to be unveiled. Keep an eye out for unexpected sessions that are still to be announced.


It’s obvious – I can’t wait for INBOUND! And with a diverse range of sessions and session types, it’s easy to see why.

This is a massive conference, but by taking the time now to do your homework beforehand will help you navigate the packed agenda and take full advantage of this incredible event. 

Whether it’s exploring the show floor, connecting with fellow attendees, or soaking up knowledge from expert speakers, INBOUND offers the perfect platform for growth and networking. See you there!

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