These days, marketing is no longer just about selling products or services; it’s about building connections, fostering relationships, and creating shared experiences. This industry shift towards community-driven marketing aligns perfectly with the spirit of INBOUND, a conference that not only educates and inspires but also brings like-minded individuals together to form lasting connections. 

Community is a major theme of the conference and there are several communities that will be front and center at INBOUND. Which ones will be there? What are they all about? Which one(s) should you connect with?

We’ll answer these questions and more!

Discover Your Community at INBOUND

This year, INBOUND features eleven different vibrant communities for attendees to explore. All of these communities have something that sets them apart from the rest – just like you! So, to help you find your ideal community at the conference, here’s a quick overview of them all. In no particular order:

Women Sales Pros

Members of the Women Sales Pros Community

Calling all women in B2B sales and sales leadership roles (and men eager to help)! Empower and be empowered as you engage with a community dedicated to empowering women in B2B sales and leadership positions. The Women Sales Pros actively supports getting more women into B2B sales through their “She Sells News” newsletter, WSP blog, and the WSP Experts group. 

With a network of women and male allies, they highlight women sales leaders, provide career tips, and more. If you’re a woman in sales or a male ally aiming to foster women’s progress in B2B sales, join them at INBOUND 2023! 

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The Marketing Millennials 

Members of the Marketing Millennials Community

Maybe you’re one of the 700,000 followers on LinkedIn, or a listener of their Top 10 Global Marketing Podcast, or one of their 110,000 newsletter subscribers – The Marketing Millennials community seems to be active in all the right places. So, of course they’ll be represented at INBOUND!

This community full of current marketing leaders and up-and-coming stars is for you if you’re looking for industry insights from the top thought leaders in marketing.   

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Members of the HubSpot Partner Program

The community for HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program. This network brings together agencies, service providers, and others to: Grow broader. Grow bigger. Grow better.

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Marketing School

Join the Marketing School at INBOUND

Sharpen your marketing skills and knowledge with two of our favorite teachers from the Marketing School podcast – Search Engine Optimization master, Neil Patel and gamer turned business leader/investor, Eric Siu.

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, this is a must for INBOUND. We’re big fans of their podcast that, “brings you 10 mins of actionable marketing advice every single day.” This community will be full of fans of the show, as well as curious newcomers swapping tips and ticks.

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HubSpot Ventures

Members of the HubSpot Ventures Community

Connect with innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries shaping the future of marketing and technology in the HubSpot Ventures Community. HubSpot Ventures is how HubSpot invests in businesses that share its mission to help organizations grow better.

How cool is that? HubSpot has already invested in roughly 40 companies using the $100 million CRM Platform Fund. 

If you’re an early-stage/growth-stage software company with a product that inbound marketers will love, this is the community for you!

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HubSpot for Startups

Members of the HubSpot for Startups Community

HubSpot for Startups is your connection to fellow startup founders, investors, and leaders at INBOUND. This community provides a ton of free resources to help organizations scale using HubSpot.

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Members of the HubFans Community

Unite with HubSpot enthusiasts to dive deep into the platform and explore its endless possibilities. HubFans brings together customers, partners, creators, thought-leaders, practitioners, and power users to connect on how HubSpot can help them grow better. 

HubFans is a great way to build your network, make some new friends, and get more out of HubSpot.

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GURU Events

Members of the GURU Events Community

Who doesn’t like some fun paired with their education? I know I’m certainly a fan! That’s the focus of the GURU Events Community at INBOUND. You may already be familiar with the popular GURU Events, or their GURU Conference – The Worlds’ Largest Virtual Email Marketing Conference.

Not only will GURU Events be offering tips and tricks you can immediately implement into your marketing strategies, but they also promise to bring the party!

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GTM Roadshow and Move Book Club 

Members of the GTM Roadshow and Move Book Club Community

Take a deep dive into everything go-to-market (GTM)! Join Sangram Vajre, author of the book “MOVE” (readers of our blog may remember this book from Will Smith’s interview), along with other GTM experts and learn how the landscape is changing, the latest industry trends, and what it all means for the GTM space. 

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Community Champions 

Join the Community Champions at INBOUND

To be a champion of a particular subject, it takes deep expertise, continuous learning, and a passion for driving positive change and innovation in that field.

Enter HubSpot’s Community Champions – individuals dedicated to fostering vibrant communities and driving positive change. These power users are the active and knowledgeable contributors to the HubSpot Community forum. These are the folks with the answers to your most burning HubSpot questions. 

This is a great group to connect with to enhance your user experience. Or, maybe you want to see what it takes to become a HubSpot Community Champion

Click here for more about the HubSpot Community Champions.


Join the Black at INBOUND Community

The Black@INBOUND community emerged in 2021, founded by HubSpot customer, Devyn Bellamy. You may recognize Devin from The HubHeroes Podcast where he and fellow host George B. Thomas, “explore every corner of the inbound and HubSpot universe in a way you’ve never seen before.”

This community unites and uplifts Black business professionals through mentorship, networking, and resources. 

Black@INBOUND is introducing a new theme at INBOUND – “Black is Professional” to celebrate what it means to be a Black professional in today’s modern workforce.

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Community Meetup Sessions on the INBOUND Agenda

Learn More and Engage

These communities are not just names on a list; they’re spaces where connections are formed, ideas are shared, and growth is nurtured. As you plan your INBOUND experience, take a moment to explore these communities, attend their events, and engage in meaningful conversations. The power of community lies in its ability to enrich your conference journey, providing insights, friendships, and collaborations that extend beyond the event itself.

INBOUND is not just a conference; it’s an invitation to be part of something bigger. So, step into this world of communities, where networking becomes meaningful, learning becomes collective, and connections become enduring.