The Latest Email Marketing Hacks

Written By Sean McGauley
June 14, 2024

Valuable insights for marketers looking to leverage the latest tools and strategies to stay ahead of the curve in email marketing.

This Boston HubSpot User Group (Boston HUG) webinar brought exciting news and actionable tips for marketing professionals.

Watch the replay here:

A Rundown of the Event

HubSpot Content Hub Gets a Smart Upgrade

The session kicked off with an introduction to the all-new Content Hub in HubSpot. This exciting new Hub offers a ton of exciting features and leverages AI to streamline content creation and management for marketers.

Watch the replay for a quick demo of Content Remix, a cool new feature included with Content Hub.

HubSpot Content Hub

Email Marketing Mastery with Jay Schwedelson

Marketing veteran Jay Schwedelson took center stage, sharing his expertise on email marketing strategies. He emphasized the crucial role of engagement, highlighting the power of crafting compelling subject lines and utilizing effective content formats.

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Here are a few of his big takeaways:

Focus on the First Impression

Schwedelson stressed the importance of making a strong first impression with your initial email interaction. This underscores the need to grab your audience's attention and provide them with valuable content.

As marketers, we often think about that first email as a "receipt" to thank someone for a purchase or for subscribing to your newsletter. However, Schwedelson explained how a more thought-out strategy to get users to engage with this first email will signal to their email clients that they want to read your emails. 

AI and the Future of Email

The discussion went into the impact of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT and on email marketing.

Schwedelson shared some great insights and tips for crafting prompts for AI as well as crafty techniques like asking Google Gemini to summarize a Youtube video to turn it into a supporting blog post. 

Apple Mail Promotions Tab: A Looming Challenge?

Schwedelson addressed the upcoming Apple Mail Promotions tab, a potential hurdle for email marketers. We can expect the way we reach inboxes to evolve, but will it be a good thing? 

Schwedelson explained that the new strategy will be to understand these email groupings and use them to your advantage. For example, email Series will be categorized and represents a big opportunity for email marketers. 

Q&A with the Expert

The session concluded with a lively Q&A segment where Schwedelson tackled audience questions on crafting email series, avoiding marketing noise, and (perhaps a bit lighter) even shared some of his favorite TV shows.

Overall, this HubSpot User Group meetup provided valuable insights for marketers looking to leverage the latest tools and strategies to stay ahead of the curve in email marketing.

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