Reviews of HubSpot CRM: Real Users Reveal the True Pros and Cons

Written By Sean McGauley
May 16, 2024

Selecting the right CRM for your business can feel like navigating a labyrinth of reviews and opinions, often leaving you drowning in a sea of information. Having been down that road myself, I’ve wondered, “Isn’t there a more efficient way to make an informed decision on software?”

That’s what I hope to achieve with today’s article. I’d like to simplify this daunting process of research for those considering HubSpot CRM.

Instead of having to dig through review site after review site, I’ve done a big part of the homework for you by diving into user experience reviews on popular review sites, including G2, TrustRadius, GetApp, and others. 

Using the power of AI, I’ve distilled the collective insights into unified pros and cons. The result is this article providing you with a clear snapshot of what HubSpot users truly appreciate and critique.

So, get ready to cut through the review site chaos and cut your research time in half!

Here's what's covered in this article - just click to jump to the section you're most interested in:

What are the Pros of HubSpot CRM?

Explore the pros of HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s Core CRM is Free

Many user reviews highlight one of my personal favorite aspects of HubSpot CRM – that the core CRM functionality is free. Any time small businesses and startups can avoid cutting a check, the better. HubSpot’s CRM free plan offers essential but limited features. 

Users appreciate the ability to test the CRM at no cost before deciding to upgrade, making it an ideal solution for those with budget constraints.

Here’s what real users say about this pro:

User Review 1: 

“We initially went ahead with free plan of HubSpot CRM, before going forward with paid one to ensure that the tools fits our use case. The free version includes all core functionalities and can be a good option for startups and small businesses with small budgets.” (Source: Software Advice)

User Review 2: 

“HubSpot is a great option for both a free and paid CRM system. We use HubSpot as our CRM to store client information, track sales and monitor deals. The customer database part of the system is very impressive, it pulls in live data from numerous sources and keeps everything in one, easy-to-access part of the CRM. The dashboard also provides a great overview of all sales, deals, customer acquisitions and other key metrics.” (Source: TrustRadius)

Keep Track of User Behavior

HubSpot CRM Pro: Tracking User Behavior

User reviews emphasize the effectiveness of HubSpot CRM for tracking user behavior and engagement. With the all-in-one nature of Hubspot, users can monitor activities and engagement and compile analytics across their website, email communications, and more.

Here’s what real users say about this pro:

User Review 1:

“Great way to track engagement. It’s an all-in-one product in which you can track activity, make calls, save and transcribe them, all the way to closed won.” (Source: GetApp)

User Review 2:

“We love the fact that hubspot enables us to keep a track of all our clients in one place. Not only that but it is free. The ability to import data from excel files allowed us to upgrade our database from google sheets and combined with hubspot’s internal database elevated the amount of info we had to hand on our clients, taking it to the next level. We also love the fact you can create custom fields to the CRM and different views for different users.” (Source: TrustRadius)


HubSpot CRM Pro: User-friendly design and focus on simplicity

Another key theme throughout reviews is an emphasis on the CRM’s user-friendly design and focus on simplicity. Users appreciate that the platform prioritizes ease, making it suitable for a wide range of users and easy to get started with.

Here’s what real users say about this pro:

User Review 1:

“HubSpot focuses on simplicity and usability rather and competing for the most features or customization. The primary requirement of our CRM implementation project was ease-of-use and HubSpot has not disappointed. And while there are limitations compared to other platforms, the feature set is growing all the time and we don’t have to rely on third party integrators or developers. It is also easy to scale up quickly.” (Source: Software Advice)

User Review 2:

“Use it every day and it’s so easy to use and keeps us on track with everything we do from Lead management and deal tracking. I appreciate its ease of use, and the UI is fantastic. The deal management and simple UI of this make it so easy to use and keep on top of.” (Source: GetApp)

All-In-One Solution

The concept of a Single Source of Truth is at the core of HubSpot’s value. It means that all your data, interactions, and insights are stored in one centralized location. This eliminates data silos and ensures that everyone in your organization is on the same page. 

Reviews highlight HubSpot CRM’s comprehensive nature, offering a wide array of tools and features essential for effective marketing and sales. 

Here’s what real users say about this pro:

User Review 1:

“HubSpot is a powerful and comprehensive marketing and sales software platform that has revolutionized the way businesses attract, engage, and delight their customers. With its all-in-one approach, HubSpot offers a wide range of tools and features that are essential for businesses of all sizes.” (Source: Software Advice)

User Review 2:

“We use HubSpot CRM for maintain the bids and it is very helpful tool considering that we can have all the access in one place. It’s an excellent option for every business looking to improve customer relationship management. Earlier, we used to have difficulty in maintaining the data, we used to manage in excel which is tedious to use. But with HubSpot CRM, we save lot of time and also get accurate data and information.” (Source: TrustRadius)


HubSpot CRM Pro: Quality Support and Resources

The quality of support and resources available with HubSpot CRM is another pro users describe in their reviews. Users appreciate the top-notch customer support, including quick and effective responses via chat, email, and phone.

Plus, users can access a comprehensive library of knowledge base articles and educational courses in the HubSpot Academy making it easier for users to troubleshoot issues independently and learn new ways to leverage the software.

Here’s what real users say about this pro:

User Review 1:

“Customer support was top-notch. The few times I had some issues, I had access to a huge library of FAQs sites, and the chat support was quick as well. (Source: GetApp)

User Review 2:

“HubSpot CRM is great for employees to track their activity and collaborate with each other when it comes to prospects and client engagement. It is very easy to use, and there are lots of resources to get started if you are a brand new user.“ (Source: TrustRadius)

What are the Cons of HubSpot CRM?

Plans Can Get Expensive

HubSpot CRM Con: Potentially High Costs

Some reviewers expressed concerns about the potentially high cost associated with HubSpot CRM as users scale and move up the subscription tiers. 

While the platform’s free version is praised, users point out that the cost can escalate, especially when dealing with larger subscriber lists or opting for advanced features. The pricing structure may become less competitive compared to other marketing platforms, impacting the cost-effectiveness of businesses with significant subscriber bases.

Here’s what real users say about this con:

User Review 1:

“No cons with the CRM but i did find it got a bit more expensive than other marketing platforms once we got to 100k subscribers.” (Source: Software Advice)

User Review 2:

“The price point is really high when you start to get into all the package options and features. Users can certainly stitch together a cheaper monthly bill by using multiple dedicated services.” (Source: GetApp)

Some Commonplace Features Only Available In Higher Tiers

Some users highlight limitations in the availability of certain features in lower-tier plans, specifically pointing out the cost associated with certain features they deem to be standard. 

While the free version offers a solid set of features, users feel that the paid options may be restrictive and require a significant investment to access more advanced functionalities. This limitation might prompt users to explore alternative platforms that offer similar features at a more accessible price point.

Here’s what real users say about this con:

User Review 1:

For cons, the price you need to pay to put together an email sequencing campaign. Last I checked it was $400 a month to enable that feature. That’s my only issue with the software. Other than that I love it.” (Source: GetApp)

User Review 2:

“HubSpot offers a number of great features in the free version however the paid options can be pricey. The free version could do with more options in some of the additional areas such as the marketing platform. Although there are some options included, they are very limited.” (Source: TrustRadius)

Some Implementations Might Require Professional Help 

HubSpot CRM Con: May Require Professional Help

Some user reviews point to challenges with specific steps in the setup process and/or with setting up advanced features. These users reported a need for support during migration and complex integrations.

Oftentimes, this is where users will need to work with a HubSpot partner agency for implementation

Here’s what real users say about this con:

User Review 1:

“I think the hardest part about HubSpot was the setup process. While it takes much effort to get set up with Hubspot CRM, we found it was more than worth it and the support team was able to help us with our most difficult integrations.” (Source: Software Advice)

User Review 2:

“Not thrilled with the “Deals” function, hard to setup, unclear on the WHY besides “better” reporting” (Source: TrustRadius)

The Bottom Line on HubSpot CRM

As you move to select the right CRM solution for your business, I truly hope the distilled information in this article has been helpful. 

Now that you’ve explored some of the commonly reported pros and cons of HubSpot CRM, I hope you feel more information and empowered to make an informed decision that aligns with your unique business needs.

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