Connecting your ad accounts, like Google Ads to HubSpot allows you to manage your account with HubSpot’s ads tool. Once your Google Ads account is connected, HubSpot will display and report on all existing ad campaigns in that account.

By connecting your other ad accounts, you can combine your ad analytics with your website and marketing analytics, all inside of HubSpot. You can also create your ad campaigns inside of HubSpot.

HubSpot has a few Google Ads connection requirements:

  • Only individual Google Ads accounts can be connected to Hubspot
  • Canceled Google Ads accounts cannot be connected to HubSpot
  • If you’ve installed an ad blocker extension for your browser, the extension must be turned off when connecting your Google Ads account and when using the HubSpot Ads tool.

What You Will Need:

  • HubSpot account: publish access to the ads tool
  • Google Ads account: Admin access

How to Connect Your Ad Accounts to HubSpot

Official HubSpot Guidance: How to Connect Your Google Ads Account