Meta, the parent company behind the popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has recently made a splash with the release of their latest app: Threads. This brand new text-based conversation app is rapidly gaining traction and experiencing a rapid surge in sign-ups. 

With its similarities to Twitter (Link to article, Twitter vs Threads), Threads has captured the attention of marketers and content creators, igniting curiosity about its potential for marketing and content strategies.

If you’re among the intrigued marketers curious about this emerging platform, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explore Threads, uncovering the five key aspects that marketers need to know before utilizing it for their campaigns. 

1. Threads is Built on Instagram

Threads Login Screen

Threads was developed by Meta’s Instagram team, which means it seamlessly integrates with Instagram. When you log in to Threads, you use your existing Instagram login credentials, allowing for a smooth transition. Additionally, you have the option to sync your Instagram account information like username, profile, and followers to Threads. This connection between the two platforms provides marketers with a way to get up and running on the new app quickly.

2. There are no Paid Advertisements…Yet

Unlike other social media platforms that provide options for paid advertisements, Threads currently does not offer a paid ads option. However, it’s important to note that both Instagram and Facebook, as part of Meta’s ecosystem, incorporate advertising into their platforms. Considering this, it’s likely that paid ads will be introduced to Threads in the future. 

We recommend staying informed about updates and being prepared to leverage this advertising feature if and when it becomes available (or, just follow the Growth Spurt blog for all the latest news and updates).

3. Some (But Not All) Big Brands Have Already Started

Despite its newness, a significant number of major businesses have already activated their accounts on Threads, including companies like McDonald’s, Netflix, Nike, and Reese’s.

While some top companies are taking a wait-and-see approach, according to this article from Forbes

McDonald's Thread

American Eagle Thread

4. Your Verified Profiles Carry Over from Instagram

For companies with verified profiles on Instagram, there’s good news! Your verification status automatically carries over to Threads when you log in using your Instagram account. This verification badge adds credibility and authenticity to your presence on Threads, reinforcing your brand’s authority and trustworthiness.

Gary V Threads Profile

5. No Hashtags

At the time of writing this post, Threads does not utilize hashtag functionality. This is an important distinction for marketers accustomed to incorporating hashtags in their posts on other social media platforms. However, like with Threads lack of advertising functionality, it’s crucial to keep an eye on future updates, as Meta may introduce hashtag functionality to Threads in the future. 


As Threads continues to evolve and mature, marketers have the opportunity to explore and leverage it as another way to connect with their audience and enhance their marketing efforts. 

Meta has tried to make things easier for new users with a seamless connection to existing Instagram accounts – so, why not give it a try? 

It’s still early days for Threads and it’s likely we’ll see more developments and changes coming soon. We’ll be keeping an eye on things, so stay connected with the blog to make sure you’re always informed.