Why Choose HubSpot Operations Hub?

Written By Sean McGauley
February 1, 2024

Imagine you are a sales manager at a software company. You have a team of 10 sales reps who are responsible for generating leads, qualifying prospects, and closing deals. You rely on your CRM system to track and manage your sales pipeline, forecast your revenue, and measure your team’s performance.

However, your CRM system is full of bad data. You know the type of dirty data I’m talking about:

  • Missing or incomplete contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or company names.
  • Duplicate or outdated records, such as leads that have already been converted or customers that have churned.
  • Inconsistent or inaccurate data, such as mismatched deal stages, wrong deal values, or incorrect product names.

Now imagine what your job is like.

You’re probably imagining wasting time and resources on chasing leads that are not qualified, interested, or reachable. Losing opportunities and revenue to competitors who have better data and can reach prospects faster and more effectively. Your reports and dashboards aren’t accurate or reliable, so it’s impossible to measure the true state of your sales pipeline and performance.

That sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?!

This is just one example of how bad data can undermine your business. Bad data can affect any department, function, or process that relies on data to make decisions and take actions. It can also have a negative impact on your customer experience, brand reputation, and competitive advantage.

To avoid these problems, you need a data management tool that can help you optimize your customer data and automate your processes. That’s where HubSpot Operations Hub comes in. 

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What is HubSpot Operations Hub?

HubSpot Operations Hub is a data management tool that helps businesses optimize their customer data and automate their processes. It is designed for operations teams that want to connect apps, sync, and clean customer data, and automate business processes on one central CRM platform. 

HubSpot Operations Hub Logo

Is Operations Hub Really a “Hub”?

If you’re familiar with HubSpot’s suite of Hubs, you know most of the HubSpot Hubs, like Marketing Hub or Sales Hub, provide an entirely new section to the HubSpot platform. Whereas Operations Hub is more of an upgrade to improve across the board.

Operations Hub provides an added level of capabilities that make HubSpot even better as an enhancement instead of a whole separate piece. 

A good way to think of it is like the heating in your home. It just operates in the background, makes everything more comfortable, yet provides a critical service (especially here in New England!).

What Does Operations Hub Solve For?

HubSpot uses the 3 P’s to describe the driving philosophy behind HubSpot Operations Hub: 

Platform – The average business uses 240 different apps. That’s a lot of potential for disconnected systems and siloed data. Operations Hub helps you connect all of your systems and data in one place. 

Process – Every business has processes, but not every company has efficient processes. Operations Hub is designed to help you make your processes more efficient and automated.

Perspective – By connecting all of your systems, streamlining your data, and ensuring clean and accurate data with the Operations Hub, you can utilize reliable reporting to get a better perspective of what’s going on in your business. Clean data = accurate reporting = perspective.

HubSpot Operations Hub solves for Platform, Process, and Perspective

Who Is the Operations Hub For?

Users may be asking, “When should I get the HubSpot Operations Hub?” 

“Is this something my business needs to grow into?” 

“Is it only for enterprise companies?”

To which, HubSpot would reply, “To grow better, you need to run better.” Meaning, that any business from small to enterprise can benefit from Operations Hub. 

With multiple pricing tiers available – including a free version, there’s something to fit every budget. We recommend dipping your toe in with the free version, which allows you to sync data between your business apps and HubSpot. Then, as your business grows and needs change, you can look at investing in the next tier

What are the Benefits of HubSpot Operations Hub?

Data Sync 

Disparate systems and inconsistent data can lead to inaccurate and outdated customer information, causing miscommunications and lost opportunities.

Data Sync enables you to connect your business apps to HubSpot without coding or third-party integrations. This ensures that your data is consistent and up-to-date across your systems. Operations Hub ensures your systems are working together.

Feature availability: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise subscriptions

Programmable Automation

Manual and repetitive tasks lead to inefficiencies, errors, and burnout among employees. Think about how that can negatively impact the performance of your business.

That’s where automation can make a huge difference. With programmable automation, users can code custom automation to do just about anything, including reducing the likelihood of errors and accelerating turnaround times.

Feature availability: Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

What are the benefits of HubSpot Operations Hub

Data Quality Automation

If you’re collecting user data, you know the common issues – things like incorrect formatting, duplicate contacts, and more. These issues can easily get out of hand, especially with multiple users inputting data.

HubSpot Operations Hub helps you address these data quality issues at scale, with automation! You can use out-of-the-box automation or create your own rules to ensure your data is accurate and complete.

Feature availability: Professional and Enterprise subscriptions

Team Management and Permissions

HubSpot Operations Hub’s team management and permissions help you organize and control access to your HubSpot assets. Why is that important? It supports your team by giving the right people access to the right HubSpot assets. 

Assign roles and permissions to your users, create teams and subteams, and keep your team organized and efficient.

Feature availability: Template-Only permissions Available in Starter. Advanced permissions are available in Enterprise subscriptions.

Reporting and Analytics

Lots of businesses struggle to produce accurate and reliable reporting due to challenges with data collection and management. 

Have you ever had to give a caveat in a meeting about a report due to its accuracy? HubSpot Operations Hub enhances reporting and analytics, which helps you measure and improve your business performance. 

With customizable datasets, reports, and real-time data sharing, you can uncover insights and make informed decisions with confidence. 

HubSpot Operations Hub eliminates uncertainty around reporting and empowers you to make data-driven decisions with ease.

Feature availability: Available in all subscriptions

HubSpot Operations Hub Case Studies

HubSpot Operations Hub Case Studies

For a look at how HubSpot Operations Hub is used by other businesses – check out these two case studies from HubSpot.

The Bottom Line on HubSpot Operations Hub

Manually cleaning bad data in your CRM can be a tedious and thankless task, consuming valuable time that could be better spent on…pretty much anything else! If you’re spending less time fixing errors in your data, that means more time to dedicate to strategic work like leveraging that data for actionable insights. 

With HubSpot Operations Hub, depending on your subscription level, you can automate your data cleaning tasks using tools to easily address issues like duplicate records. This makes cleaning your CRM (and keeping it that way) a manageable task.

Although not a traditional Hub format, HubSpot Operations Hub is a good choice for businesses that want to grow better by running better. This solution not only offers better data management but also enhances overall efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration throughout your business. 

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the optimized processes and reliable insights for informed decision-making that Operations Hub brings. 

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