Improve Your Conversion Rate Today!

Do you want to create a landing page that converts like crazy? Do you want to avoid the common mistakes that cost you traffic, leads, and sales? Do you want to learn the best practices that the top marketers use to optimize their landing pages? Then this landing page checklist is for you!

Heat Mapping

Using Heat Mapping for Landing Page Optimization

[ ] I have used a heat mapping tool to analyze how users interact with my landing page.

[ ] I have identified the most and least clicked elements on my landing page.

[ ] I have measured how far users scroll down my landing page.

[ ] I have removed or improved any elements that distract users from my main goal or message.

[ ] I have optimized my landing page based on the heat mapping data.

SERP Analysis

Improve your SERP listing

[ ] I have searched for my target keywords on Google and analyzed the landing pages of my top competitors.

[ ] I have noted the common elements or features that they use to attract and convert users.

[ ] I have compared my landing page to theirs in terms of design, content, and value proposition.

[ ] I have highlighted the unique or differentiating factors that make my landing page stand out from the competition.

Load Speed

Load Speed for Landing Page Optimization

[ ] I have tested my landing page load speed using a tool, such as Google PageSpeed Insights.

[ ] I have checked my landing page load time on desktop and mobile devices.

[ ] I have identified the factors that affect my landing page load speed based on your test. Depending on the tool you select, many will include an assessment of Core Web Vitals, performance issues, and diagnostics.

[ ] I have improved my landing page load speed by optimizing or removing unnecessary elements.


Optimize your landing page design

[ ] I have balanced simplicity and creativity in my landing page design.

[ ] I have used a clear, consistent, and easy-to-follow layout for my landing page.

[ ] I have used colors, fonts, and images that match my brand identity and tone.

[ ] I have enhanced my landing page readability and aesthetics using white space, contrast, and alignment; as well as avoided clutter, noise, and distractions.


Provide a clear call-to-action

[ ] I have reviewed my calls-to-action for accessibility and effectiveness.

[ ] I have made my calls-to-action visible, prominent, and easy to click or tap.

[ ] I have used descriptive, action-oriented, and compelling words in my calls-to-action.

[ ] I have used contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes to make my calls-to-action stand out.

[ ] I have placed my calls-to-action strategically on my landing page to guide users toward my desired action.

Mental Load

Consider a user's mental load

[ ] I have lowered the user’s mental load by making my landing page simple, clear, and intuitive.

[ ] I have used headlines, subheadings, and bullet points to break down my landing page content into digestible chunks.

[ ] I have used visuals, icons, and diagrams to illustrate my landing page content and reduce text.

[ ] I have addressed the user’s pain points, needs, and goals on my landing page.


Optimize submission forms

[ ] I have cleaned up my forms by removing unnecessary or optional fields.

[ ] I have used labels, placeholders, and tooltips to guide users on how to fill out my forms.

[ ] I have used validation, feedback, and error messages to prevent and correct user mistakes on my forms.

[ ] I have used incentives, guarantees, and privacy statements to encourage users to submit my forms.

[ ] I have tested my forms for functionality and usability on different devices and browsers.

Social Sharing

Make social sharing easy

[ ] I have talked to my friends, talked to your friends, talked to you about my landing page.

[ ] I have asked for feedback, suggestions, and opinions from different perspectives and sources.

[ ] I have incorporated the feedback into my landing page to improve it.

[ ] I have made it easy for users to share my landing page with their friends, colleagues, and networks.


Incorporate personalization

[ ] I have made my landing page personal to my user by using Buyer Persona information.

[ ] I have used my user’s name, location, preferences, or behavior to customize my landing page content and offers.

[ ] I have used dynamic content, segmentation, or cookies to deliver relevant and tailored experiences to my users.

[ ] I have used personal stories, anecdotes, or humor to connect with my users on an emotional level.

Value Proposition

Best practices for value propositions

[ ] I have communicated my unique value proposition clearly and convincingly on my landing page.

[ ] I have used a catchy, concise, and benefit-oriented headline to capture my user’s attention and interest.

[ ] I have used a subheadline, paragraph, or video to explain my offer and how it solves my user’s problem or fulfills their desire.

[ ] I have used bullet points, icons, or checkmarks to highlight the key features and benefits of my offer.

[ ] I have used a clear and specific value proposition statement to summarize my offer and its value.

Social Proof

Provide social proof on your landing pages

[ ] I have shown off my achievements, credentials, and authority on my landing page.

[ ] I have used logos, badges, or certificates to display my affiliations, partnerships, or awards.

[ ] I have used statistics, numbers, or graphs to demonstrate my results, impact, or growth.

[ ] I have used testimonials, reviews, or ratings to showcase my customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

[ ] I have used case studies, stories, or videos to illustrate my customer success, transformation, or outcomes.


Key aspects for promoting your landing page

[ ] I have avoided promotional bait and switch on my landing page by delivering on my promise, offer, or claim that I made on my ad, email, or social media campaign.

[ ] I have matched my landing page headline, content, and design with my ad, email, or social media campaign.

[ ] I have provided enough information, value, and incentive to justify my user’s click or visit.

[ ] I have avoided misleading, deceptive, or false statements or claims on my landing page.

Thank You Page

Utilize a Thank You Page

[ ] I have spiced up my thank you process by including a separate page to enhance my user’s experience and satisfaction.

[ ] I have thanked my user for taking action and confirmed their submission, registration, or purchase.

[ ] I have provided clear and specific instructions on what to do next or what to expect next.

[ ] I have offered additional value, resources, or opportunities to my user, such as a bonus, a discount, a referral, or a subscription.

[ ] I have encouraged my users to stay connected, engaged, or involved with my brand, such as by following my social media, joining my community, or contacting my support.

Scarcity + Timeliness

Timeliness is important for your landing page

[ ] I have used scarcity and timeliness to create urgency and demand on my landing page.

[ ] I have used limited availability, quantity, or supply to indicate the scarcity of my offer or product.

[ ] I have used countdown timers, deadlines, or expiration dates to indicate the timeliness of my offer or product.

[ ] I have used words or phrases that convey urgency and immediacy, such as “now”, “today”, or “don’t miss out”.

[ ] I have used social proof, such as “sold out”, “only X left”, or “Y people are viewing this right now” to reinforce scarcity and timeliness.


There are many ways to utilize this checklist – auditing your new landing page before you publish, optimizing an underperforming landing page, or anywhere in between. We recommend that you start by going through each section and checking off applicable tasks. Identify priority areas that need immediate attention and implement changes based on the checklist’s recommendations. 

Remember that landing page optimization is an ongoing process, so regularly revisit the checklist to ensure your pages stay current and aligned with best practices. Measure the impact of changes, seek feedback, and stay informed about new trends and best practices to adapt your landing pages to evolving preferences. 

By following these steps, you can systematically enhance your landing pages, boost conversion rates, and meet your goals.