Choosing the right CMS is crucial to make it easier to manage your website. The right CMS can make a big impact on your entire website performance from overall security to showing up in the right Google searches.  With a CMS, you can simplify the process of updating and editing your web content. A CMS lets anyone, not just web developers, make

Welcome to today’s showdown, where we’ll pin two top choices in customer service solutions against each other: Freshdesk and HubSpot Service Hub .  If you’re looking to deliver exceptional customer service, a key ingredient of today’s successful businesses, it’s crucial to equip your team with a system that seamlessly aligns with your operations.  Both Freshdesk and HubSpot Service Hub offer compelling features

Picture this: You’re juggling a dozen spreadsheets, your inbox is overflowing with customer inquiries, and your sales team is chasing leads without a clear roadmap or plan. Sound familiar? If you’ve ever felt the weight of disorganized customer data, missed opportunities, or the struggle to provide exceptional customer service, you’re not alone. That’s where the power of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Congrats on your decision to implement HubSpot. Here at Growth Spurt, we’re self-certified HubSpot nerds and big fans of the software!  That’s because HubSpot is well-known for its robust platform of marketing, sales, customer service tools, operations, and commerce tools and we’ve seen firsthand the opportunities for growth and efficiency it can bring to businesses.  However, before you jump in and start

Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) can significantly impact your website’s performance, security, SEO, and overall effectiveness. A CMS serves as the backend infrastructure that allows you to create, edit, and organize content on your website. Simply put, a good CMS will make creating new pages and updating your current ones without the help of a developer easy. While a CMS

Marketing automation software – isn’t just an expense decision; it’s an investment in your company’s future success. But, if you’re like most marketing teams, you want to avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your choice aligns well with your business objectives from the get-go. After all, your time and resources are valuable, and you want to make the most informed decision possible.

HubSpot Marketing Hub and Marketo Engage are two standout platforms that made our recent list of the best marketing automation platforms . Marketo was named our pick for Best for Enterprise and HubSpot was named Best for Business Growth . Both were included on our list because of their all-in-one marketing automation solutions. But, today’s post is going to put these two

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, HubSpot and Zoho stand out as popular choices. Each platform offers unique features, integrations, and pricing plans.  In this article, we’ll put HubSpot CRM and Zoho CRM head-to-head to help you make an informed decision. Before we begin… Zoho and HubSpot are both known for providing comprehensive suites of business software, but in

One of the most powerful tools in HubSpot is reporting. You can set up a new reporting dashboard or utilize one of HubSpot’s many templates. To get started, we recommend starting with the provided templates first, then moving to creating your own once you’re comfortable.  Templates are available for specific roles like “Sales Rep” or “Marketing”, or even HubSpot objects like “Marketing

If you already maintain a database of leads acquired before acquiring HubSpot, it’s crucial to import these leads into HubSpot promptly. Doing so offers several advantages: Re-engage your leads: Segment your leads to send them tailored emails and lead nurturing campaigns, streamlining the conversion of leads into customers. Gain lead intelligence: Receive lead revisit alerts, monitor the online activity of your imported

Properties in HubSpot are essentially fields that store information on HubSpot records. For example, you can utilize a property like “City” for companies to specify their respective locations. While HubSpot comes equipped with default properties for each object, you also have the option to create custom properties tailored to your business’s unique data needs. Sometimes there’s a unique data point to your

Here at Growth Spurt, we love HubSpot! This robust platform is equipped with an array of tools designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales, marketing, and customer service functions all in one CRM. However, like any software, HubSpot is not without its imperfections. And if you’re considering an investment in HubSpot software – you’ll want to know about them

Connecting your domain or subdomain to your HubSpot-hosted website is a crucial step in your initial HubSpot setup process. Once connected, you can quickly and easily build and publish your website using one of HubSpot’s professional themes and/or the drag-and-drop page editor. Just follow these steps to get started.  What You Will Need: Your IT Admin (if necessary) Access to your website’s

Imagine you are a sales manager at a software company. You have a team of 10 sales reps who are responsible for generating leads, qualifying prospects, and closing deals. You rely on your CRM system to track and manage your sales pipeline, forecast your revenue, and measure your team’s performance. However, your CRM system is full of bad data . You know

To truly deliver top-notch customer service – the kind that inspires your customers to become your biggest fans and spread your message to others – you need a system that seamlessly integrates with your business operations. Enter Zendesk and HubSpot Service Hub, two top options for help desk solutions, each offering a unique array of features and functionalities. But how do these

Are you considering HubSpot Service Hub for your business?  Before making a big decision, like selecting a help desk software solution, buyers often want to hear from others about their experience. If you’re at this stage in your buying process, this article will help you make an informed choice.  We’ve combed the web, searched review sites, and more to discover the pros

Did you know that 87% of consumers are willing to tell others about a good experience with your brand? The scary part is a whopping 95% of your customers are willing to tell others about a bad experience with your brand!  Today’s customers expect exceptional experiences, which means delivering prompt and personalized service is no longer a choice—it’s a necessity.  When it

According to a study by Microsoft, 96% of consumers worldwide say customer service plays a crucial role in their choice of and loyalty to a brand. We all know customer service is important. Yet, so companies get it wrong – they aren’t efficient enough, they aren’t automated, and they didn’t see your Facebook message. The list goes on and on. The companies